We want to do more house concerts and would love to offer you an opportunity to book us to come to your home to do a concert for your friends and family during 2014!

What is a House Concert?
A private, low-key event in the homes of music fans. Usually set in a living room, the space does not have to be large or fancy, any living room will do. Friends, neighbours, family, and acquaintances are typically invited to attend by the host. Often there is a pot-luck or snacks to be enjoyed before the concert or in-between two sets. It is perfect for ‘Small Group’ ministry.

How much will it cost me to host?
Nothing! We don’t charge a fee.
To keep our full-time music ministry going we take up a love offering and sell our CDs.

How many people do I need to invite?
We have had successful House Concerts with as few as 10 people! The usual amount of attendees is between 10-30 people.

Do I create the advertisements?
No. We will send you a poster, social media images and information to share with your friends and family.


“Having Monique & Eric perform at our house was a low-key, casual but intimate affair. We sat in comfortable armchairs, dining on snacks and cups of tea while listening to a presentation of inspiring music and stories from the lives of these two artists. Driven by their desire to share God and how he has provided and worked in their lives through song and music was truly an inspiration. Thanks for a wonderful evening!” – Sarah, New Zealand

“Eric & Monique’s house concert in Coffs Harbour helped our congregation get closer to the throne room of God and be inspired to continue praise God for who He is. We would have Eric and Monique back any time.” – Abel Iorgulescu, Assistant Pastor, Coffs Harbour, Australia

Available 2014 Dates

4th May – Stawell/Aarat/Ballarat, VIC
24th May – Sale/Traralgon, VIC

13th June – Canberra, ACT/Albury, NSW
16th June – Sydney/Woolangong, NSW
17th June – Central Coast/Maitland/Cessnock, NSW
18th June – Macksville/Nambucca Heads, NSW
19th June – Gold Coast, QLD
20th June – Sunshine Coast, QLD
23rd June – Brisbane, QLD
24th June – Brisbane, QLD
27th June – Ipswich/West Brisbane, QLD
30th June – Tamworth, NSW
1st July – Orange/Parkes/Bathurst, NSW

17th July – Melbourne, VIC
18th July – Melbourne, VIC

11th August – North Perth, WA
12th August – Bunbury, WA
13th August – Busselton, WA
14th August – Bridgetown, WA
15th August – South Perth, WA
18th August – North Perth, WA

5th September – Gosford/North Sydney, NSW
8th September – Casino/Lismore, NSW
9th September – Byron Bay/Lismore/Ballana, NSW
11th September – Gold Coast, QLD
12th September – Gold Coast, QLD
15th September – Glen Innes/Armidale, NSW
16th September – Wagga Wagga/Albany, NSW

To book or ask some questions about hosting a house concert: 

Click to EMAIL US

Thank you for your support!
Eric & Monique


‘Songs of Ascent: The Psalm 103 Tour’ CD
We have released a new Live Concert CD with fellow Songs of Ascent artists Matt & Josie MinikusIf you want to read our recent story on how these CDs got delivered to our doorstep, click here.

Experience a full length Songs Of Ascent concert recorded live over multiple nights on the Psalm 103 Tour in the United States. Eric & Monique team up with Matt & Josie Minikus and speaker Bryant Rodriguez for a unique spoken-word and song tour revealing glimpses of God’s character in Psalm 103. This album features a collection of 11 songs with inspiring narrations between.

Buy the ‘Songs of Ascent: The Psalm 103 Tour’ at our website store. You’ll even get free shipping to anywhere in the world!

Songs of Ascent Psalms 103 Tour CD

Psalter Artist Spotlight
We recently got interviewed in an artist spotlight by Psalter Music. Questions range from how we knew we were called to music ministry to life and marriage on the road. Head to Psalter Music to check out the full interview.

artist spotlight

 Autumn Music Ministry Tour
Our Autumn Music Ministry Tour starts this Saturday! During the next two weeks we are going to be at Morisset, Sydney, Mid-North Coast, Tweed Coast, and Dubbo. For details check out our tour page.

Autumn Advertising Social media


“The Son (Jesus) reflects the glory of God and shows exactly what God is like. He holds everything together with His powerful word. When the Son made people clean from their sins, He sat down at the right side of God, the Great One in heaven.” Hebrews 1:3



I quite like cliffs (At the disgust of Eric).

259157_10150196591981270_904563_oDisclaimer: There is a hidden ledge under my feet in the above picture at Yosemite National Park. Eric was in the background freaking out…

There’s just something about standing at the top of a sheer cliff, hundreds of meters above the valley below. The exhilaration. The freedom. The ironic peace. The tiny bit of fear that sneaks out. The feeling of feeling oh so small and realising just how big God is.

Sometimes in life God leads us to a symbolic cliff or as Martin Luther King Jr explains it:

“Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.”

I have never felt so many conflicting emotions as I have since we have gone into music ministry full-time at the beginning of 2013.

Peace. A peace that comes straight from God. That He is looking out for us and that we are doing His will.

Fear. That snakes ups within and chokes my throat with societal expectations of a stable fortnightly wage, mortgage, superannuation and the list goes on of things that I don’t have.

Joy. One that comes while sharing the message of hope, love and grace found in the gospel of Jesus Christ through singing music that touched my heart from the moment it was written.

Worry. A worry of whether we are doing God’s will.

Desire. Beyond anything wanting to do God’s will in our lives.

Happiness. Loving spending so much extra time with my best friend and husband while ministering, singing and working together.

Surrealism. From all the testimonies that we have heard of how God has used the music He has given to us in the lives of others.

What does all this mean? We are on a journey.

A journey that is continually exercising that muscle of faith.

A journey to follow God where ever He leads.

A journey to continually be the instrument in God’s hands.

Please pray for us as we continue to step out in faith.