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MUSICIANARIES AND singer/songwriters
advancing the gospel through word and song

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We believe music is remarkable. It can travel across divides that words rarely do. It speaks to our hearts because it comes from the heart. We have been touring songwriters and musicianaries for the past 8 years, and have seen first hand how music can touch the heart. We write music about our faith, our personal journey, and about our love of Jesus. But ultimately, we write music to help others deepen their relationship with Jesus. That is what you have helped us do. Over the last 8 years, if you gave us a donation, bought an album, liked a post, shared a video, or spoke words of encouragement; you helped us share Jesus. Without you, we wouldn’t be doing this. We want to invite you to help us share Jesus’ remarkable love through music. We would be absolutely thrilled if you joined us.


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