Eric & Monique’s latest album Everlasting, produced by Dale Willis and mastered by Grammy award-winner William Bowden, is an album encased with motifs inspired by Isaiah 40:28, yet fleshed out in lyrics loaded with gravitas, raw honesty, and deeply biblical content. Musically, the album is the fruit of collaboration, with a cinematic thread woven through elements of folk, pop and alternative sounds underscoring raw and emotional vocals.



The début album by husband and wife musicianary duo, Eric & Monique. Pilgrim evokes metaphors of nature: gentle, needed rain on thirsty ground; refreshing cool breezes on hot skin; a river of peace; dawn painting the horizon. Their pure, tuneful vocals convey the timely truths of creation and redemption.



Recorded ‘live off the floor’ in the iconic Psalter Studios in Sydney, Australia; this live album from Eric & Monique features piano, vocal and string quartet versions of songs from their début album Pilgrim as well as two new originals; Everlasting and Take Us Home. The album gives a real insight to the reverence and faith their music and lyrics show during their live performances.


The Psalm 103 Tour

Experience a full length Songs Of Ascent concert recorded live over multiple nights on the Psalm 103 Tour in the United States. Eric & Monique team up with Matt & Josie Minikus and speaker Bryant Rodriguez for a unique spoken-word and song tour revealing glimpses of God’s character in Psalm 103. This album features a collection of 11 songs with inspiring narrations between.