Adventist English Group-Vaud

“Eric & Monique concert was deeply inspirational, and we felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in our midst. It was truly a memorable event that combined song ministration and testimonies that were so authentic, edifying and life transforming. Their harmonious blend of lyrics, voice and God-centered words created a beautiful worship experience that ushered us into the presence of our creator. The musicianaries passion for God and the gospel ministry knows no bounds, and I highly recommend them to churches for worship and concerts.”

- Pr. Samuel Sarpaning, Adventist English Group-Vaud, Switzerland.

Eric & Monique
Norwegian Union of Seventh-day Adventist Church

"What a blessing it was to have Eric & Monique visiting Norway. With inspirational words and music they led the whole audience into deep and meaningful worship. Christ was indeed lifted up, and we felt the healing presence of our Lord and Saviour. May God richly bless their ministry around the world!” — Pastor Reidar J. Kvinge, Norwegian Union of Seventh-day Adventist Church

Eric & Monique
Stavanger Seventh-day Adventist Church

"We had the pleasure of having Eric & Monique in our church for the first time in August and several months later, those who were there still talk about the concert! Some say that: 'This was such a spiritual experience!', 'This really spoke to me!'. We love their music ministry and would encourage others to invite them to their churches for amazingly uplifting and spiritually deep concerts." — May Anette Tallini, Stavanger Seventh-day Adventist Church in Stavanger, Norway.

Eric & Monique
Bergen Seventh-day Adventist Church

"It was wonderful to have Eric & Monique visiting Bergen (Norway) together with their son and in-laws. This was the second time we had the honor of having them come over to our church for a concert. Despite of the fever their son had at concert day, they still managed to hold a concert with just Eric, which seemed to leave a very positive impression on the listeners, especially the young people. Their message was christfilled and came right from the heart. By listening to their music there is a want to lift your eyes higher to get a glimpse of the beautiful picture of God that's portrayed though their songs." — Øystein Sognefest, Bergen Seventh-day Adventist Church in Bergen, Norway.

Eric & Monique
Penzburg Seventh-day Adventist Church

“The concert of Eric & Monique at our church at Penzberg was a very honest and intimate insight into their personal relation to Jesus Christ with a highly moving and inspiring invitation to trust God and His love and care more fully. The music and their voices took the message to our hearts. Thank you very much for your openness and inspiration!”

Pr Martin Wanitschek - Penzburg Seventh-day Adventist Church in Penzburg, Germany.

Eric & Monique
Lighthouse Christian Church, Victoria

"We recently hosted Eric & Monique for a Sunday morning service. We were most impressed with their manner, their passion and their authenticity. They are ‘true blue’ for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their music is unique – God-given to them and not second hand. Their style is ‘middle of the road’ appealing to all and sundry. But most of all their passion and vision is so clear and potent. The Holy Spirit used them in a powerful way to impact our congregation to be Christ-centred in all things. Their walk of faith and non-obligatory manner clearly reflected our Lord’s grace. They were a pleasure to have and a blessing to our people."

Richard F. Warner B.Min. M.Th.
— President of Lighthouse Christian Church and College, Keysborough, Victoria

Eric & Monique
Crossway North Baptist Church, Victoria

"The Scriptures instruct us to 'be still and know God' (Psalm 46:10). Eric & Monique have the ability to help us engage with God. The music and ministry they perform is all about serving those who have gathered and to create an environment where God might manifest. Their voices harmonize together with beauty and power. It was a privilege to have them serve among us."

Brett Mitchell, Lead Pastor — Crossway North Baptist Church in Craigieburn, Victoria

Eric & Monique
Your Church in Brisbane City, Queensland

"I highly recommend Eric & Monique to churches of all kinds and sizes. They took our congregation on a highly engaging musical journey into the depths of the Christian message. They were thoroughly enjoyed by young and older Christians and truly honoured Christ in everything they said and sang. They are a true blessing to host at a worship service.”

Jason Brown, Lead Pastor — Your Church in Brisbane City, Queensland

Eric & Monique
Southpine Adventist Church, Queensland

"What incredible, encouraging, spiritual music by Eric & Monique - not forgetting little Ezra. I thoroughly recommend Eric & Monique for church worship or concert. Thank you so much and looking forward seeing you again next year."

David Gillespie, Lead Pastor — Southpine Adventist Church, Queensland

Eric & Monique
Gateway Presbyterian Church, Queensland

“It was truly a service blessed by the Lord, and people could not stop speaking about the service. We praise God for the gifts given to you, and may He continue to use you to His glory.”

Guido, Senior Pastor — Gateway Presbyterian Church, Queensland

Eric & Monique
Woodvale Baptist Church, Western Australia

“Eric & Monique bring together a wonderful gift of music and a heart for God and His word.  Their carefully chosen words and powerful songs are filled with devotion and worship pointing to the Everlasting God, Our Creator.”

Colin Lituri, Senior Pastor — Woodvale Baptist Church, Western Australia

Eric & Monique
Coffs Harbour Seventh-day Adventist Church, New South Wales

“Eric & Monique’s [concert] in Coffs Harbour helped our congregation get closer to the throne room of God and be inspired to continue to praise God for who He is. We would have Eric & Monique back anytime.” 

Abel Iorgulescu, Senior Pastor — Coffs Harbour Seventh-day Adventist Church, New South Wales

Eric & Monique