Merry Christmas... Again?

Christmas in January? It is kinda strange to have Christmas in the snow let alone a different month! In the Orthodox calendar, they celebrate Christmas on the 7th January and New Years on the 10th January. So yesterday, 7th January, we went bush... Well, it looked country to us... To Pirogovo (Outdoor Museum of Ukrainian Culture). We went there, in -20 degrees Celsius, to watch a cultural presentation. A group of people got dressed in Ukrainian traditional costumes and sung traditional Ukrainian Christmas carols. It was GREAT! Except our toes and fingers went frozen - but we danced to the catchy Christmas carols to keep warm. The traditional villages looked like an untouched winter wonderland.

As an added bonus got interviewed on two Ukrainian TV stations: Channel Kiev & Channel 5! They were excited to see Australians and Americans celebrating their Christmas with them. It's best described in pictures!Later on we went to Linda's place to have a prayer meeting and then varenikifor dinner. YUM!

Eric & Monique