Our new FREE class

We taught our first classes today... Well, it was only a conversational club and a Bible reading and discussion group. We were excited about the Bible group... But in order for you to understand why, we need to give some background info...

We have been told about the current situation in Ukraine in regards to the relationship between Christianity and businesses. Although, Ukraine is a lot more open to Christianity now than 10 years ago, there are still restrictions. For example, Ukrainian businesses can not say that they are a Christian business - Even a Christian school here (which is not overtly called a Christian school) cannot pray with the kids (they were praying and an official from the ministry of Education came and wanted to close the school). So, our organization can't overtly say that they are a Christian business. BUT it is OK to do religious things here - it just can't be overtly involved in a business setting. It's all about the technicalities.

When we came there was a Friday night (free group) Bible study on at two of the campuses, but nothing at the campus we teach at. But we talked to our boss and it was decided that we would try a few Bible reading and discussion groups, one on Sunday and some during the week - being careful to say that it is FREE and not a part of the course. How we do it: We pick an interesting story from the Bible (e.g. Joseph the dreamer) and the students practice their English by reading it, finding out the meanings of new words, and discussing the plot. We also try to have a fun icebreaker game at the beginning that is linked to the story.

We had the first one today and it was cool!

Eric & Monique