Eric's Thoughts on First Week of Teaching

Well the first week of teaching has come to a close and it's been really good! I've never 'technically' taught a class of students before as a 'teacher', so this was a new experience for me. I guess it could be a little too early to tell for sure, but so far, I enjoy teaching. I think the fact that I am teaching ESL helps a lot. No brats! I mean, the classes can be quite fun to teach and interesting because the people in the class are eager to learn and most mature adults from all walks of life. The classes I am teaching this term are 3B, 4A and 4B (Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels). There are bankers, international businessmen, Uni students and a few teenagers. The resources they use at this organization are great and straightforward to plan lessons, so that helps a lot. Plus, the hours are good. At the moment I teach an average of two classes a night and if there is only 1 class on that night, I teach an extra conversational class.

We have just come back from a Friday night discussion club which has topics based and tied into the BIble. It was great to see some of the students from class there!

Have a great weekend all!

Eric & Monique