Is it Spring? Is it Winter?

Just when we thought spring was near, cooler weather and snow has come back to Kiev! Currently sitting on -1c we should have snow all week... but who knows! It's great to walk through falling snow, still such a novelty for me (Eric). Unless it's bitterly cold like -15c or something, I don't mind the winter temperatures... it's nice for a change. We have the local clothing to keep us warm and it's great! Today coming back from teaching, I (Eric) had my first slip for the season ;-) but all is well! Apparently, even the locals slide around a fair bit on the ice themselves and fall over... It's quite funny to watch. It's nice to see snow back again here! Anyways nice to have snow here again, locals tell us that this week of cooler weather will probably be the last for the season.

Eric & Monique