Nelya is a girl in her 20s from Russia who has recently moved to Kiev, Ukraine. She has been coming to the Friday night programs at one of our branch schools and although she doesn't say much - except for when what we say contadicts her own faith - Islam. A few Friday nights ago I (Monique) was able to have a chat with her after Friday night (which is unusual as she hasn't ever talked to anyone before). She opened up about her family, her friends (back in Russia who she misses terribly) and eventually her faith. We were able to have a great conversation about the similarities and differences between Islam and the SDA faith. She was quite surprised when I told her that as SDAs we do not look on images of the cross and other prophets as being sacred (as her Islam faith also believe that images -idols- can not save you and should be avioded. We also talked about the similarities and differences of our belief that Jesus is coming soon; About the ligitimacy of the Holy Bible (that it is God's Word, which she doesn't believe as she believes the Koran has overtaken the Bible when people began to change facts and words in it.

We have since left Kiev and are now serving in Kharkiv for two months. So because of this will not be able to see Nelya again at Friday nights. I ask that you will all pray for this awesome young lady - that she will be open to the Truth and will one day have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Eric & Monique