The last month or so...

Since we graduated from ARISE we went over to Baltimore (via LA to see Karina!).

... Then spent time with family for Christmas with the purpose of sticking around USA to go to GYC. It was fantastic to spend Christmas with our Aussie family who lives over in the USA! And got SNOWED IN!

We went to GYC and sang an appeal song for one of the evening messages, which was a real blessing! The whole of GYC was an awesome experience. We went to the Mark Finley seminars on the Holy Spirit and got to hang out with some ARISErs and also saw some of my old friends! :-)

Once leaving cold, wintery USA we spent a week with Eric's family on the humid Tweed Coast (+ had our 2nd anniversary!) before heading down to Phillip Island to see my parents (and the bonus of seeing Gran and Pa!) and find a rental to move into.

Now, we are semi-settled in the Western suburbs of Melbourne and discovering each day how much this part of Melbourne is like a desert dust bowl :-)

Eric & Monique