Surrender. This one word can have both a positive and negative connotation depending upon your personal worldview.

When looked up in google, the first definition is actually "the acceptance of despair"! The next few I like, which are "to relinquish possession or control of to another because of demand or compulsion" and "to give up in favor of another".

No one likes to surrender. I believe that it's against our human nature especially in a society that is a poster child for the saying "survival of the fittest".

So why is this word playing on my mind. Recently we've been listening to Alison Brook's CD and one of her songs, "He Surrendered All", which a play on the hymn "I Surrender All' and it got me thinking...

Jesus surrendered more than we often ponder about. Why don't we though? Is it because it will lead to a place of conviction? When we read the Bible we find that Jesus surrendered everything possible; heaven, glory, being in the presence of God the Father to come down to earth as a baby! When we believe the Bible as God's truthful word, that means that the CREATOR was brought down to the level of a BABY. It's only because He surrendered EVERYTHING for us that we are enabled to surrender our lives to Him! He gives us the ability to give up our selfish ways and jump into His arms of grace! Jesus gives us the ability to break through our habits that eat up our time, which could be better spent developing a relationship with Him and sharing His grace and the gift of salvation with others!

It is only through His surrender that we can surrender...

It's something to think about.

Eric & Monique