Devotional life a bit stale?

Lets face it, our devotional life with God can get a little stale at times. Have you ever found yourself reading the Bible yet getting distracted with thoughts about what you need to accomplish that day? It can happen to all of us at times. One thing that you may like to try to freshen up your Bible reading is find yourself a really great MP3 audio Bible. I totally recommend the 'The Word of Promise' NKJV MP3 Audio Bible. This is not just another audio Bible. It has full orchestra soundtrack backing, dramatized voice acting, sound effects and it's really helping me read the Bible in a fresh way. I'd like to share what I've been doing of late...

Make Bible reading more meaningful:

1. While the audio Bible is playing, read along with the narrater in your own Bible using the same translation (I recommend NKJV).

2. As you come across passages or words that pop out at you, pause the audio and jot down any thoughts, questions, praises, thanks, prayers to God in either a journal or word document on your computer. Not only will this help keep you focused on scripture (you're learning both audibly and visually) but it will also serve to be a big blessing when you look back at all those notes you've taken on the passages of scripture you've read and experienced.

It's something I've been trying out recently and it's really helping my devotional time with God more meaningful and more focused. It may be something you'd like to try out as well.

God Bless, From Eric

Eric & Monique