Songs of Ascent

Under three weeks to go, yes! The thought of getting on a big jet plane (unfortunately not the A380) and traveling across the pacific ocean to California, USA is very exciting! I love flying and I love traveling, but, there is something uniquely special about traveling with the focus of mission. No doubt we'll see some cool things along the way like the Golden Gate Bridge or Yosemite National Park, or perhaps even that Hollywood sign in LA that is apparently pretty lame in real life. But anyways, like I said, there is something really special about going out in faith to serve God in mission. It's rewarding!

So, with this trip across the pond, we will be meeting up with other 'musicianaries' who attended ARISE (Josh & Jackie Cunningham, Matt & Josie Minikus and Alison Brook) in an exciting new music / evangelism concept: 'Songs of Ascent'.

'Who I AM' is the theme for 2011 and if you read the blurb below you'll get more of the picture.

"It is a tragic reality that many people in this world whose failure to respond to God’s great love is driven by nothing more than a misunderstanding of who He really is. Satan has masterfully misrepresented and maligned the character of God, so that many see Him as either aloof and impersonal, or as unjust and unloving. Through music, testimonies, and the Word of God, “Who I AM” seeks to set right the misconceptions about God’s character by presenting a biblically accurate picture of who He is—a loving and personal Creator and Savior who desires to be intimately involved in our lives."

This creative project could be just the beginning of a whole new way of “doing” evangelism. One of the ways is working with churches that are starting an evangelistic series during our trip. Our music will be held just prior to the start of the series as a way to invite more people from the community to the meetings. Along the journey, guest speakers such as David Asscherick and Ty Gibson will be sharing the Word of God.

We can't wait!!! :)

Much of God's blessings to you all, - Eric

p.s. We'll aim to update our journey as much as possible on twitter and facebook and hopefully blogs from time to time. Follow us @ericandmonique and

Eric & Monique