I can't believe it's already December! This year has gone crazy fast. Around this time of the year is crazy for a teacher, but this time around I haven't felt nearly as stressed as the last few years. To be honest it's a great feeling. Yes, I do still have a lot of work to mark, a lot of reports to write, classes to still teach, picnic days to organise, units to write, and the music ministry we do on the weekends. But somehow I'm not stressed. Earlier this term I remember stopping and praying. Deciding that I was going to put this stress in the arms of God and to just leave it there. At least as much as I possibly could... because I tend to like to take stress back from God. With only two weeks left of this working year  before summer holidays I can honestly say that I'm glad that we have a God to takes care of our stresses. A God who not only takes care of us, but gives us a day in which we can rest in Him. I hope that everyone has a fantastic Sabbath full of rest. We're off to Seddon SDA church this morning to share the gospel through word and song.

~ Monique

Eric & Monique