Music, Driving & Eating...

We have arrived back from the Songs of Ascent Pacific Northwest Tour in the US recently. God truly blessed the twelve evangelistic concerts, and it was such an amazing experience shared with fellow musicianaries @Alison Brook, @Matt & Josie Minikus and @Josh & Jackie Cunningham. We miss them already! Many many thanks goes to @Randy Ban for organising, coordinating and playing with us on the tour. We must also mention the excellent local restaurant advice provided by Randy & Shandra, our very own personal 'Yelp' service ;) We ate some amazing meals. So many food memories... anyways! When we weren't in concert or eating... we were usually found sleeping, collborating, practicing, traveling and enjoying the state of Oregon in general. We must also say a huge thank you to @David Asscherick, @Ty Gibson, @Jeffrey Rosario, @James Rafferty and @Brandon Schroeder for their presentations that seemlessly connected our songs to the theme 'Who I AM'. Truely was blessed by the 'Eden to Eden' gospel message presented in each concert by the various evangelists. We met a bunch of amazing ARISE Interns that assisted greatly in the promotion and organsation of the tour as well, especially the Justice Week & University of Oregeon events. God has placed a calling on the interns lives and it was exciting to see that in action. Inspiring. Songs of Ascent 2012

Lastly we want to thank everyone who supports the Songs of Ascent ministry; for your prayers and coming out to the evangelistic concerts. We hope it was a huge blessing in your life and that your walk with God will continue to grow and mature. We had a great time meeting you all and hope to see you again soon!

Well, the SOA 2012 tour is over and we'll be sure to put up some more video and photos of the trip very soon. So keep an eye out on our facebook & twitter pages. Also be sure to follow the above @links on twitter ;)

~ Eric & Monique p.s. Thank you for downloading the Songs of Ascent Sampler

Eric & Monique