Early Rises and Unexpected Blessings

The last few months have been fairly crazy busy! As a high school teacher the vast majority of it has been filled with teaching, marking and report writing. One of the assignments I marked was a super creative depiction of a house during the first Passover. I got seriously excited when seeing this! Notice the blood of the lamb and the black dots and lines that are symbolic of the angel of death. It tasted pretty good too! *There was no bribery involved in the grading of this assignment ;-)

Exam supervision isn't exactly the most thrilling duty in the life of a teacher. I love to play student battleships with other staff members... But sometimes the students get suspicious... So, when I saw the words on this lovely green poster during a solo-duty I nearly laughed out loud. Take a look and explain to me exactly how would this work... Jumping back inside yourself?

I, by nature, am not a morning person. Just ask my grandfather. When we are up at the rainforest, my Grandparent's gorgeous suburban home, Pa loves to tease me when I wake up at their place around the sensible hour of 11am. Or ask Eric, who on average will wake up a good 3 hours before me if I'm not working. Anyway, in the last few months we've had quite a few mornings that looked like this...

Not my favourite sights... Except for the stunning sunrises! But it has meant that we've been able to meet a lot of awesome people at the various places we've visited to do a bit of Word & song ministry. Which we have both loved! We've been travelling out to some different country churches and we were invited to go to WITNESS 2012 for a few songs and a mini Word & song concert.

The week before WITNESS was just one of those weeks... We discussed at length the direction of God's will for our lives and the decision we have made regarding this. Does God really want us to do music ministry full time? Would it be easier to just live a life of stability? But at the same time we were see-sawing with faith and remembering the many events and statements by many people that we have listed in our Ebenezar. Our Ebenezar is a document we started up a while ago, inspired by the Bible and our friends the Ban's idea of having something written down that is a testament to the leading God has done in the past. Something that you can look at to remind yourself of how God has always been there and how He has led. But, to be honest we got a bit discouraged. So, we went to WITNESS. There we were blessed, spiritually fed and uplifted in the call God has placed on our lives. So many people came up to us telling us about how God has blessed them through our music. If you are one of those people who has done that in the past: Thank you! You are a blessing! And about four doors were opened for future music ministry opportunities over the two days we were there. Looking back, I know God wanted us to go.

"Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen, and called its name Ebenezer, saying, 'Thus far the Lord has helped us.'" 1 Samuel 7:12

~ Monique

Eric & Monique