Alison Brook Announces Sophomore Album

Musicianary and friend, Alison Brook, has announced that her second album, The Heart of the Matter, is in the works. The album will feature songs covering topics on prayer, martyrdom, returning to Christ, heaven, and love. Alison says, "The center of every song and undoubtedly the album as a whole, will be Jesus. This is why I chose the title track 'The Heart of the Matter.'" A KickStarter page has been launched to help raise funds for the project and donations of $25 or more will receive generous rewards.

We are very excited about The Heart of the Matter and hope you are as well. Watch the video below to learn more and click here to donate.

"God has placed within me the drive to write, sing, and record songs. Partnering with me will not only bring a little music to your ears, but will spread of the gospel a little further by bringing this music to the ears of others. Please consider a donation, large or small, to help me reach my goal in making this recording project a reality. I know there are so many things vying for your attention and your money. However, consider this... Sometimes music has a way of touching people when nothing else can." ~ Alison Brook

Eric & Monique