A Drive, Friends and Recording

This is what faced us..

That is kind of daunting at the best of times. A 2,254km round trip. After just coming back from a 10 day Year 11 camp - which by the way was absolutely amazing! I love my students! - I was a "bit" tired. So waking up at 4am to drive up to Newcastle wasn't really on my to-do list. However, I was surprisingly excited! A chance to meet up with some friends, family and do some recording sounded completely awesome. So, we woke up at 4am. Yes, that's right. 4 am. But soon enough I was in full-blown boredom-fixing-photo-taking mood. Eric wasn't so excited about this...

But soon enough he got into it and we took this - Got to love sunglasses that cover half of a tired face!

After 11  1/2 hours of driving - ok, I'll be honest I only drove 2 hours... Ok... 1  1/2 hours of that time. What can I say, my husband's an awesome driver! - We arrived at this beautiful view! Cathos beach was like eye-candy after living in the beach-less western suburbs of Melbourne. Look at that beach! Isn't it awesome!

As you can see we were clearly delighted!

The two days were full of catch ups with friends and even a bit of family! It's so awesome to have great conversations with good friends after not seeing them for a while! On Thursday we got into Psalter Studios to finish recording two new songs which will be going on our live album.

It was  a great day of recording. Dale is a great producer and sound engineer, and we love working with him each time we go up to Psalter Studios.

Early the next morning our warm weather hiatus came to an end as we drove over the invisible barrier that divides Victoria's schizophrenic Spring weather with the rest of Australia, and it was cold. But as we were driving into Melbourne we were met this stunner of a sunset to welcome in the Sabbath. So that was pretty cool.

And then a bit later... There was CAKE!

~ Monique

Eric & Monique