New LIVE Album in Production

We are working on a NEW LIVE ALBUM that features two new songs as well as favourite tracks from our Pilgrim studio album! Our producer Dale Willis has been working with us at Psalter Studios and we have recently completed the recording process. Now the mixing, mastering process begins.

Our dream is that the album will enhance your relationship with Jesus and bring you into a worship experience with Jesus. Think of it as a live worship concert in your living room. Simple, raw acoustic grand piano, vocals and a number of songs backed by a Strings Quartet from the Canberra Conservatorium of music arranged by Daniel Brinsmead.

We can't wait to share it with you. We'll have a release date hopefully soon. You can also follow us on twitter or facebook for updates. For now, watch the two videos below to get a preview.

Thank you for your support, Eric & Monique

Eric & Monique