Packing, staff Christmas parties, saying a lot of good byes, finishing off at work, and driving 1,900km. This has been our December so far. The packing process started a while ago as Eric had this brilliant idea of spreading it out over many weeks rather than finishing it all off in just a few days. So, it was a relatively stress free packing time.

Relaxed Packing

Then once all of our stuff was safely packed away in a shed (courtesy of some fantastic Mum & Dad help). And put the remaining in our car... (The car which has just gone over the significant milestone of 200,00km! I can just hear the roaring applause!)

Over 200,000

We then traveled down to the paradise known as Phillip Island to visit with the parentals over the weekend. Where I got a little too excited taking a look at a rock called 'Pyramid'.

Excitement at the Pyramid

Closing Sabbath saw a stunner of a sunset.


And we got to spend time with this cute little chick.

Such a cutie!

Come Monday morning we set out on the journey to the Tweed. First thinking we'd make it to about here...

First 12 hours

However, once we got to Dubbo the map below just didn't look too far at 4 pm. So instead we ended up travelling from 4:30 am Monday morning until 9:30 am Tuesday morning! With a lot of healthy pit stops along the way to sleep, eat and relax... in the car! Gotta drive safe!

Second 12 hours Loved the views of inland Australia throughout the trip - talk about natural entertainment!


This is Australia


SunsetI love my country!


Eric & Monique