The Best Zoo In The World

So of course saying that Omaha Zoo is the best zoo in the world is my personal opinion as I have not been to every zoo in the world. But seriously it is the Best Zoo Ever! Due to time restrictions, (aka we all wanted to have a lazy morning) we were only able to see a few of the sections. But even so I need to issue a warning... get ready for some cuteness!20130111-101352.jpgThe jungle enclosure. Spot the monkey! 20130111-100629.jpgThese guys were hilarious! There were two little babies who were seriously mischievous! 20130111-101057.jpgThis little guy was so curious! He slowly came all the way up to the glass and stuck his head out right to the lens of my camera, all the meanwhile his friend was doing somersaults in the corner! 20130111-101807.jpg20130111-100700.jpgPENGUINS!!! Love! 20130111-100810.jpgJelly fish a remarkably beautiful creatures.20130111-101203.jpgSpot the fish! There are two in there.20130111-101755.jpgIndoor Desert.20130111-102032.jpgMeercats! They have the cutest little expressions and are hilarious!20130111-100903.jpgWe got a little tired...20130111-101801.jpgBut ended off the evening playing Wallyball with Matt & Josie's wonderful friends who have graciously opened up their home for us to stay for a week while we are in Iowa. They are such wonderful people!

~ Monique

Eric & Monique