AU Vespers, House Concert & Snow

20130121-120531.jpgI am watching the snow fall slowly out the window. It's a chilly -12C in Northern Michigan as I write and we're enjoying a much needed break after a busy 6 days of music ministry. There have been so many highlights over the past few days so I'll just fill you in on a few... Where to begin? We sang Everlasting and He Knows at Andrews University Vespers for their Graduation Commission service. It was packed! Pr Shawn Boonstra's sermon and message really hit home for me. He told many funny stories and some serious ones about his life and urged us to use our time in this life very wisely and to serve God and live without regrets! Later that night we had a basement house concert at a AU students house. It was so awesome! Just over 100 people packed out this small basement, it was such a great night of music and we met a bunch of great people. - Eric

Eric & Monique