A Concert at your House?

20130205-154523.jpgA house concert is a concert right in your home, mostly in a living room. It's a concert that feels more like a conversation than a performance that goes for an hour to hour and a half. House concerts don't cost the host any money. Just a guarantee that we'll bring the music and you will invite your friends and family for a night of stories and songs. This type of concert is also a great idea for small groups ministries. On the night we'll pass around a collection hat to help with our travel and ministry expenses, and if it's outside of Friday sunset until Saturday sunset we'll sell our CDs. At the moment we are booking for tours in SQLD, NSW and VIC for the remainder of 2013. If you are interested in hosting a house concert or you have any questions, just email us: info[at]ericandmonique[dot]com

Eric & Monique