Berlin Meets Copenhagen

We've just arrived in Norway tonight and have a few spare minutes to upload some of our favourite photos from Berlin and Denmark...

IMG_0022 Berlin. So full of intense history that the day we had there before our concert felt like just a small taste of all it has to offer.

IMG_6768 The Holocaust Memorial was a powerful reminder of the horrendous brutality that can and does exist in this sinful world.


IMG_6824 The Berlin Wall. A powerful reminder of the results of governmental restriction and control.

IMG_0002 A full house at the New Life Church in Berlin, Germany.

IMG_0044 Our concert hosts were absolutely amazing! We truly felt at home. A welcome feeling after three months on the road! We are so thankful to those who open up their homes to us!


IMG_6934 Our quick stay in Copenhagen included a concert at ICC and a relaxing stroll through the city where a Tasmanian Princess lives.


Can't believe how amazing this Round-the-World tour has been and to think we only have two weeks left until we're back in Australia! We've clocked up so many kilometres in cars now that we're starting to go a little bonkers ;) We will never forget how the Lord has lead and how He has blessed...

Until next time. - Eric & Monique

Eric & Monique