NNSW & SQLD Tour Recap

Our NNSW/SQLD music ministry tour is now complete! We've traveled from schools to churches doing concerts, church services and even children stories. Fourteen different music events all up and a lot of early mornings and beautiful sunrises seen through half-open eyes. Meeting wonderful new friends and catching up friends we haven't seen in years! There's been moments of beauty. Moments that have expounded our love of music ministry. Moments of grateful love for a God that would use us as His instruments to spread His grace, truth and love. Here are a few pics highlighting our tour.

IMG_0721Enjoying a breathtaking sunrise on our way to Ipswich.

IMG_0725Ipswich visitors sabbath: Such great people, our service went really well!

IMG_0729While packing up we generally do a quick debrief and share testimonies. After one church service we were told it was a man's third Sabbath coming back to church after a long time and he said our Word & song message connected with him more than anything had in awhile. Peoples' testimonies encourage us so much and helps us to keep pressing on in ministry.

IMG_2178Kingscliff. I love this church. One of a kind. Beautiful people. Amazing journey.

IMG_0670Trying to not get blinded by our new LED lights for our merch table. Mmm.

IMG_0744Shot taken right before the kids from Blue Hills College turned up. We took three chapel programs that day.

IMG_0682Eric's old school. Tweed Valley College. A lot of memories for him, we had a great day taking three school chapels.

IMG_0924IMG_1230A day off to explore the beauty around the Tweed Valley. The day spent in Byron Bay to celebrate my birthday!!

IMG_0809Sunshine Coast concert at Nambour was fantastic. We met people who drove 1 1/2 hours to worship Jesus with us. An incredible night. One that will definitely linger in our minds for years to come.

IMG_1260Murwillumbah Concert. Definitely a highlight and a special night to remember. A fantastic way to end our tour. A woman, who is a new Christian that we met at a previous concert, came to Murwillumbah and told us that our CD had been an encouragement for her in her newly found faith and helps to keep her strong in her low points. Praise God!

- Monique

Eric & Monique