How We Became Musicianaries - Part 1

One Friday evening on a recent tour, we were sitting around our billet's table and it came time to open the Sabbath. The family shared stories on the providence of God and people stepping out in faith. These stories led to us to share our story of how we came to be in their dining room, living as full-time musicianaries. After telling the story and seeing their reactions, we realised that to a degree we had taken the journey God had led us on for granted. Sometimes when you're right in the middle of life's picture you can be oblivious to the frame and all that God has done. So, we wanted to share this same story with you. The story of how God led us to become musicanaries. It's a long story, so we're going to break it up into a four parts that we'll put up on our blog over the next six weeks. We hope that through sharing this testimony, God will be uplifted!

We haven’t always been musicianaries.

It began with a want to follow God wherever He leads. A realisation that this world is temporary and that God’s love is eternal.

Eight years and three months ago we met. We became best friends. Fell in love and decided to serve God together for the rest of our lives. Six and a half years ago we got married. It was a perfect day, which ended with us driving around to find a hotel until 2:30am after the initial hotel we booked (that had 24 hour reception) decided to close early that night for some reason. Looking back, it's hilarious. At the time, not so much.

After our honeymoon on Matamanoa Island in Fiji, Eric joined me in Melbourne, where I had already been living for a year. We set up house, extremely excited and loving life. Within the first few months we had racked up quite a bit of debt with a nice red car and some new furniture. I was working as an English and Humanities high school teacher at a Seventh-day Adventist School and Eric was working as a youth pastoral worker at two churches. Life was great!

As the year progressed we realised that our focus wasn't quite right. With us both having good jobs, life was easy sailing. We noticed that our security and focus shifted to gaining material things, the here and now. Even though we were both working for God. That we both loved God and had always sought to follow God. We realised that we weren't as fully committed to God as we knew we could be. During that time we read some incredible stories on the faith of Brother Andrew in his his book 'God Smuggler' and listened to a lot of faith sermons by David Gates. Deep down we were convicted that we were not giving our all to God and we felt a desire to give more and to take a step of faith. We wanted a deeper experience with God. So, we prayed. We listened to sermons, read books and the Bible. We started saving to take down our debt and save up for what ever God might have planned.

We prayed.

We searched.

Then we saw that the English Language Centre in Kyiv, Ukraine that I had spent a year volunteering at in her early 20s was in need of two volunteers to teach ESL and help out at the local english church. Feeling impressed to apply, we prayed and sent through an application.

We were accepted.

The remaining months of 2008 was filled with saving up, packing up, storing our stuff in my parent's backyard shed (which we helped to build), paying off debts, selling a car, and finishing up with our jobs. All in the middle of when the Global Financial Crisis hit in 2008. God really has a great sense of timing. In the end we had just enough money for everything we needed including a one-way flight to Ukraine.

Throughout this whole experience we kept coming back to the Bible verse in Joshua 24:15, "...Choose this day for yourselves this day whom you will serve... But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." We wanted to put everything in God's hands. To give Him a year to say:

"Our lives are yours. Lead us where you want us. Everything we have is yours."

So, on January 1, 2009 we got on a plane. Never having sung together. Clueless to what God would do within the next year.  Full of excitement. Full of peace. We couldn't wait for this adventure to begin!

To be continued... ~ Monique

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