Testimonies from our Winter Tour 2014

A week ago we came back from our 2 1/2 month-long, 26 event Winter Tour over 4 states & 1 territory of Australia, as well as 3 countries!

We have been simply amazed with what God has done throughout this time. We still are trying to process all the things that happened and all the testimonies we heard. It was as though God used this tour to show us "this is why you are doing this".

We wanted to share with you some of the testimonies, things that we heard, and some photos from the tour. We want to thank you for your encouragement and support throughout this tour!

  • A young woman found Jesus on her own through online Bible studies offered by Amazing Facts within the last month and came to our Stories & Songs concert where we told our testimony. She expressed how encouraging our story was and then had many questions about ARISE. She has desired to learn more about Jesus and is now considering going to a Bible college.
  • On our first day in Germany we went to get some food for dinner at a small local supermarket. At the register we found out that they didn't take our card (a travellers pre-loaded credit card), but a nice German Christian man paid the €10 euro for our food so we didn't have to go find an ATM.
  • Singing and speaking about the beauty of Jesus’ sacrifice as shown through the sanctuary at a church, which had just that week been doing a Bible study session on it.
  • After we sang our song 'He Knows' at GYC Europe this one guy came up to us and said that he originally thought we were just another artist doing a cover of that song. He had heard it a few times being 'covered' by other singers in Europe. Then he realised we were the songwriters.
  • A family who had been through multiple major health issues affecting each member of the family over more than the last half decade, came to church for the second time in several years. They said our coming to the church was providential and the music-sermon was exactly what they needed to hear in their time of emotional recovery.
  • Multiple concerts had people who invited their non-christian friends.
  • Hertz upgraded our European car rental for free to a much faster, more economical car, which not only made the Autobahn more fun but also had us filling up with diesel, which is a much cheaper fuel to buy in Europe.
  • After a 'Gospel through Word & Song' concert, a woman came up to us who was struggling with a divorce, anxiety and depression She expressed how our concert and our relationship had given her hope for the future.
  • We had a house concert that was rrequested only a week in advance so we weren't sure what to expect but we were blessed to worship God with about 40 people.
  • An older guy came to a concert and had his first good conversation with the church pastor ever. He comes to church occasionally and has always been aloof.
  • After taking the service at Warburton we dropped by the nursing home and got cosy together on a piano stool sharing one mic in order to share some songs and a message. It was amazing to share a message through Word & song about the character of God and the hope that Jesus is coming again soon. I had tears in my eyes as we sung the last song, which was one of our new songs that's based on 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:10.
  • Had a concert that was used as a part of a 'Last Empire' evangelistic series. A lot of people came from the community.
  • The taxes on importing our CDs into Germany were much cheaper than we initially expected.
  • A young woman from Latvia, who we had only known on Twitter felt impressed to make a special gift for us. Inside a bottle is special paper & Austrian lavender inside. She said it is a place to store all the blessings that God has worked in our lives. And when things are tough in music ministry we can read over them and be reminded of how God is working.
  • Met a family from Nicaragua, who became Christian in Jordan and who know lives in North Iraq. They were in Germany for a holiday and just happened to go to Dortmund SDA Church the weekend before our concert. They came to our concert and one of the things they said was that God had brought us there at the right time for them to hear the concert.
  • Having an in-depth conversation with a young guy about Monique’s experiences of following Christ after a concert and hearing that from that night’s concert & conversation God had inspired him to follow God unreservedly.
  • A former Adventist came back to church for only the second time in years to attend our 'Gospel through Word & Song' concert.
  • A young woman told us of how she had used our concert filmed at YiM conference last year in Germany at her local church in Bulgaria. She translated it all and then they played it in one of their church services.
  • A young woman who had been coming to church for just a month and was getting baptised the next week came to our concert after a lot of indecision during the afternoon. Her atheist family has been very vocal against her since we decided to follow Jesus. She told us that she also struggles with anxiety that hits her when she has to go to work. She expressed that she knows that she brings this on herself through worry and stress beforehand. She thanked us for our testimony that we told during the Stories & Songs concert. She said that it encouraged her to trust in God and to give Him her worries & stresses about work.
  • During one of our 'Gospel through Word & Song' concerts a woman burst into tears. After the concert she told me her story. That afternoon an Adventist friend invited her to our concert. They travelled an hour to get to the concert. That day she had signed her divorce papers. The last few months had been draining & incredibly difficult in multiple ways and she explained that she was a giver who found it hard to let others give to her. As a result of the last few months, she felt she had nothing left to give, but was struggling to allow anyone even God give to her. As she stood in front of me with tears rolling down her face, we said thank you. Thank you for showing me that I can let God take this burden. And that she was going to try to let Him give her peace.
  • A young woman came to our concert and expressed that God had brought us to that church at just the right time. That very day she had been praying and struggling with giving over to God some things in her life and trying to trust God with them. She said that our 'Gospel through Word & Song' concert encouraged her to do just that.
  • A guy, whose mum is a member of the church we went to, came to a Stories & Songs concert who we were told after, never comes to church events. He stayed for the whole concert & afterwards the pastor asked him if he'd be interested in coming to a dinner and Bible study at the pastors house the next night. He said yes!
  • Our credit card was already kinda high going to Europe as we had to buy a needed digital piano last year... So with the flights and other travel expenses we got that card up to $8000 in debt, ouch! Before we left Australia, we thankfully were able to get it down to $5500... Anyways, while at GYC Europe we had a moment of “Did we hear God right? Did we make a massive mistake? Are we ever going to be able to pay this back?" God worked a miracle! Arriving back home in Australia we were able to pay off the entire amount down to zero! Praise God!!
  • On the tour we really struggled at one point. The very next day, we had someone come up to us after the concert and say, "Keep doing what you are doing. Don't give up."
  • We were able to put aside time to begin pre-production for our new studio album! We recorded the demos for all the songs we have written then were able to narrow it down to the top 12. Once we had these 12 songs we noticed they all naturally flow towards the same theme. We didn't even try to plan or write it that way! God is amazing! After putting them into a 'set list' for the new album, we listened through it and got incredibly excited! We can't wait to share them with you all!

So here are just a few of the testimonies we can remember from our Winter Tour 2014. The tour was so packed that we're still trying to process all that took place, it was so amazing! Look out for some exciting plans coming up soon!

Love & blessings,

E & M

Eric & Monique