2014 In Review

It’s nearly 2015... 2015! Can you believe it?!

It blows our minds how quickly this year has gone, yet by a different measure, it has been such a long year. One packed with so many places, new friends and experiences. Looking back, we're amazed at how God has led us throughout it all. We just wanted to take a little moment to give God the glory and to thank you all for your prayers, contribution and support during 2014.

2014 was our second year of full-time music ministry. It has been a year of discovery, amazement and a deepening trust in God. God had opened the doors for 65 concerts in schools, homes, retirement villages, churches, halls, and conferences throughout 4 countries and 5 Australian States. Our favourite moments are when we hear how God has used our music and spoken word to make a spiritual impact in someone's life. Here's just two that made an impact on us:

A young woman messaged us after a music-sermon expressing how God had providentially led us to that church at the right time. She had been experiencing some really tough times and had tried to lean on God but felt that He was absent and didn't care. She came to church that day saying that this would be the last chance she would give God. She told us that God used our message to give her hope and the faith to try God again; that God does care for her life and love her deeply.

A young guy messaged us to tell us he had just been baptised and that God had used our music as part of his journey to baptism.

Our trust in God was stretched and exercised again through multiple circumstances and 'leaps' of faith. Here are just three:

We moved into a homey little rental at the end of last year which had a rental price drop on the same day we went to apply! It was just the right price we could afford. God has the best timing. After last year of living on the road and in other people's homes, we have had a little home of our own to come back to after each tour. It has been such a blessing!

We felt that God was leading us to go to the GYC Europe Conference in July and also have a short concert tour as well, however we couldn't really afford it. We prayed a lot and God kept opening doors, so we walked through. Our credit card was already kinda high going to Europe as we had to buy a digital piano last year… So with the flights and other travel expenses we got that card up to $8000 in debt, ouch! Before we left Australia, we thankfully were able to get it down to $5500… While at GYC Europe we had a moment of “Did we hear God right? Did we make a massive mistake? Are we ever going to be able to pay this back?!” But God worked a miracle! Arriving back home in Australia we were able to pay off the entire amount down to zero! Praise God!!

After sitting on a bunch of songs for a couple years with no way to record them, we took the plunge of doing a Kickstarter in October. We had been praying for a way to afford a new studio album since the beginning of 2013, and we had several people suggest to us to do a Kickstarter or some other form of crowd funding. But we were too scared to do it. We prayed a lot. Agonised about the decision. It sounds a bit extreme, but we felt like it was. Once again we knew that if God was leading us here that He would provide the funds cos it's His album, but knowing it and really believing it can be two different things. With a lot of prayer we launched our Kickstarter to crowd fund $15,000 for our new studio album. In 30 days 155 backers gave $16,849! God provided!

We want to Thank you again for all your prayers, support and encouragement! We appreciate it more than you can know. We are looking forward to seeing what God has in store for 2015.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Eric & Monique

Eric & Monique