Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Eric & Monique

Hello friends,

We’re sitting in our living room with Christmas music playing in the background, Ezra’s sleeping form on the baby monitor and a beautiful blue sky filling the window. And we just can’t help but hope that the weather man got it wrong and Christmas Day will be a hot one, rather than the 19c day that’s currently predicted. As we’re hoping for a hot one down here in Australia, we see our friends in the North are hoping for snow! Christmas is such a time for diversity. Whether it be climate, traditions, favourite holiday food, or the personal reactions and memories that Christmas brings. For some this time is full of happiness and family, for others it is a time that bring memories of those who have been lost. Thank you for all the beauty, love and support you have brought into our lives this year. We pray that within the reality of your moments this Christmas that Peace, Hope and Love will abide, and will abound in ways that can only exist when they come from our Redeemer, Jesus.

We appreciate and love you all. Merry Christmas! 

Eric & Monique

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