Habitual or Unique?

Pulling up in our car, we head inside to meet our hosts, chat a little in introduction, then begin the equipment haul. Each music event differs yet has similarities that threaten habituality. A few weeks ago we had the distinct pleasure of revisiting Morwell Family Church. There's something resoundingly special about meeting up with the same lovely people again and having the opportunity to once again worship together.

Then last week we visited the Haddon Church of Christ for the first time and experienced one of the most spiritually and emotionally uplifting concerts. There are moments of encouragement that happen while we are on the road and we had those at both Morwell and Haddon. It's such a pleasure to see people actively worshipping God as we sing and speak. Our prayer is always that God will be exalted and uplifted above everything else. When we hear a testimony that this has happened, it fills us with joy. These are the moments that force a break from what could become habitual and make each experience unique instead.

To end off we wanted to share the testimony/recommendation that the Pastor from Haddon shared with us: 

"What a night. We hosted Eric & Monique, singer/songwriter “musicianaries” for an hour or so of the most beautiful, spiritually impactful gospel music I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. Eric & Monique's music is based squarely on scripture and is so very glorifying to God. It was such a spiritually impactful evening of praise and worship, every song exalting the Lord Jesus Christ. Eric & Monique will bless your church and encourage God’s people with their transparent honesty and genuine praise of our beautiful Saviour. As a pastor of a conservative, evangelical church I unhesitatingly commend them to you."
Neil Davies, Haddon Church of Christ