Download our new Christmas song!

Saviour of the World

Hello everybody, we are excited to tell you about our brand new Christmas song that we just uploaded today! We wrote it about a week and a bit ago, polished it up and recorded it as a live song. In the creation process the song ended up being a worship song that could be sung in a Church worship setting. Our dream is that maybe one day that happens. Anyways, you can download it right now.

Our vision for 2019 is the creation of lots of new songs, videos and other things. Please pledge and jump on board this musicianary journey for as little $1 p.m on either patreon or directly on our website.

We are only 4 people away from reaching our next goal. Thank you guys, you are the best. Please reply letting us know what you think about this new Christmas worship song?

Blessings and happy weekend to you all!
Eric & Monique

p.s. We need only 4 more people to reach our next goal!

p.p.s. If you’d rather support directly on our website instead of patreon that can be done! We will still give you all the rewards the people get on patreon.

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