JAWE Conference in Switzerland

Since we last wrote, we had just arrived in Munich, Germany. Now it's a week later and we are feeling much more accustomed to the time zone. Here in Switzerland we are doing a few concerts including one at the JAWE Conference that just finished this past weekend. The organisers of the JAWE conference had asked us to do a concert on the final night, this meant coming two weeks earlier to Europe and we couldn't say no. Since reflecting on the weekend we are very happy we made the decision to come to Europe earlier than planned. We heard a number of inspiring comments from our concert, here are a few. 

  • "During your concert I felt close to the divine, I could see Jesus through what you were singing and saying." - Attendee at JAWE Conference
  • "A lot of musicians and singers out there sing to glorify themselves, it is clear that your main focus is singing for God and that came across in the presentation." - Attendee at JAWE Conference
  • "Your music is not superficial, lyrics are deeply biblical and your music is modern." - Attendee at JAWE Conference
  • "I shared your music with random people in the street during outreach time and they said that they loved your music and want to buy it off ITunes." - Attendee at JAWE Conference

There were a number of other comments and we came away from the weekend feeling really blessed to have shared our music ministry and really glad that we came early. We have three concerts in Switzerland coming up, to check out the details head to our tour page. 

Until next time,

God bless,
Eric & Monique