Temporary - Story Behind the Song

I was hurrying down a Ukrainian riverside street with my friend, late for work, chatting non-stop. We were in our own world with our minds on one thing, our own lives. Then out of nowhere, a lady burst into our bubble. She was completely messed up and from face value something terrible had happened to her. And we froze. In terrified tones she spoke in Russian something that didn’t penetrate my shock. Because we were frozen. We just starred at her. As quickly as she appeared, she continued running skittishly down the street looking from side to side. In silence we continued walking. In a state of shock my brain tried to process the Russian that she spoke. As we were crossing over the river on a bridge the translation dawned on me like a ton of bricks. She had asked us for help to get away from her husband. I turned around to look for her, but she was gone. We stood there on the frozen bridge, frozen in deep regret of our inaction. We were in this country to help and yet when God had put a situation right in front of us we froze! Our minds were so focused on our own lives that we were not prepared for the life, hers, that God put in front of us. We froze. We could have helped, but we didn’t. All we had left was a prayer that next time we would be prepared.

'Temporary' is a song written about those moments when we are left with the questions, "Why don't I wake up? Why don't I walk faith? Why don't I live love?" As a songwriter, sometimes the inspiration for a song is rapid and flowing. 'Temporary' was not one of those songs. It started out as a semi-continuation of the cry of 'Laodicea' - the last song on our previous album, Pilgrim - with the thrice repeated cry of the line "Why don't I wake up?" The first verse and the chorus were written quickly rather like a journal entry, but to a slightly different melody at first. As the weeks or months progressed, can’t really remember, we added the second chorus as the answer to the questions posed in the first and additional lines to the bridge that were inspired by the practical living out 1 Corinthians 13:13. In pre-production we continued to change the overall sound to one we feel matches the theme of the song. Overall, 'Temporary' was written to express the struggle of wanting to follow God in this post-modern world and is inspired by Romans 7:15-25. The beauty is that in those moments of struggle and questioning we can turn to a Saviour who has shown us how to live love and walk faith. We have a God who wants to help us, One who we can rely on and in whose example we can follow.

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