The Tropics and the Long Drive Home

We've returned home from the Australian leg of the 'Everlasting' Release Tour after driving 13,513km & completing 27 concerts/music-sermons in eight weeks. To say the least, there's a certain combination of burnout, joy and surrealism that accompanies a music ministry tour. 

I have come to appreciate the small moments, the short spaces of time when a connection is made, a story is heard or a testimony is expressed with tear filled eyes. These are the moments scattered amongst the repetition, the rush and the tiredness that matter. These are the moments amongst the music, the words, the budgeting, and the countless emails that remind us of the reason why.

  • A non-Christian husband who comes to church for the first time with his wife
  • A lady having a particularly terrible day, being able to have a moment of rest
  • A Bible study group's recent studies flowing perfectly into the concert's topic
  • A young man, studying the Bible with the pastor, being emotionally moved to the point of conviction
  • A lady, who randomly came to church after a series of bad circumstances, who was brought closer in her relationship to God as a result.

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue on with the 'Everlasting' Release Tour in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom.