The Word - Story Behind the Song

“The world did not know Him.” It is a phrase that has always captured my attention, but when my reflections turn inward my thoughts turn to self-examination. Do I know the Word?

I have always loved the phrasing of John 1:1-18, and how the writer has a deep focus on who Jesus is and humanity's reaction to their Saviour. It fascinates me how their reaction to the Word standing in their sphere is unfortunately too much like our own. We skite that we never would have disbelieved if we lived in the AD30s! But, would we? Would I? In saying that aren't we just like Thomas, who wanted to touch Jesus' scars for himself to believe. How often do we also need evidence to lead our faith when life’s horizons become dark and stormy? I know I have. I have this underlying want to know how situations in my life will happen. Yet, I don't need to know, because God know the beginning from the end and we can trust Him with our future.   

This is the crux of our song, ’The Word’. It’s a song about the stark similarities between the world of John 1 & our own. How the Israelites didn’t recognise Jesus for who He truly was even though all the prophecies given in the Old Testament. We wrote the song with a duality that points also to how we also don’t really know God and so often humanity turns away from Jesus either overtly or internally, when we misunderstand the character of God. 

Musically, we wanted there to be a reflection of the juxtaposition of utter joy and tragedy found in the Creator becoming like His created to save and yet, He was despised, rejected and misunderstood. There is a deliberate ramp up in the BPM at around 2:40-3:00 to symbolise how important it is for us to come back to the Word of God, Jesus, and seek with all our hearts to know Him. This represents the sense of immediacy and importance of knowing the Word, Jesus, because any day could be our last and because Jesus is coming soon.

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