The Everlasting Tour: Week 1 Update

One week into the Everlasting tour and we've travelled over 1171km for 3 concerts, 2 "Message in Word & Song" & 1 radio interview.

 We've stayed at a different place every night, have met countless wonderful people, experienced amazing hospitality, and seen God working. So we wanted to share a few stories with you!

Tuesday Evening at Hamilton SDA Church

One lady came up to me with tears in her eyes expressing how our message and music touched her heart. She expressed how she had been worrying about the timing of a particular life changing decision and said that our message and music spoke directly into her experience to give her encouragement; that it was like God was speaking to her and telling her to trust in His time. Praise God! 

Thursday Evening at Murray Bridge SDA Church

Another lady was getting baptised at the end of the service after our "Message in Word & Song" who had a muslim background. When we were congratulating her on her baptism, she told me that our music-sermon really spoke to her and gave her further encouragement in her decision to follow Jesus no matter what.

Early Friday morning on the Life FM Breakfast Show, Adelaide 

We were further encouraged by many people to keep doing music ministry and here's a little testimony we received from the pastor at Marion Christian Church: "Eric & Monique are inspired by the Holy Spirit & inspire God's people to go deeper into the things of God. Our Church was incredibly blessed by their authenticity & passion for God and we would highly recommend them to any Church."

Saturday morning at Elizabeth SDA Church, Adelaide

Saturday Evening at Para Vista SDA Church, Adelaide 

Sunday morning at Marion Christian Church, Adelaide