Wanganui East Baptist Church, New Zealand

“Eric & Monique’s concert was an inspiring evening as we were reminded of God’s promises and the outworking of those promises in our lives, blended together with their well performed original compositions. We look forward to hosting Eric & Monique again on any future New Zealand tours.”

Calvyn Jonker, Senior Pastor — Wanganui East Baptist Church, New Zealand

Eric & Monique
ARISE & Kingscliff Seventh-day Adventist Church, New South Wales

“Eric & Monique’s music, above all, is spiritual music. It’s real music written and sung from the heart - hearts genuinely and deeply in love with God. When I listen to their music I worship God.”

David Asscherick, Co-Founder of ARISE Senior Pastor of Kingscliff Seventh-day Adventist Church, New South Wales

Eric & Monique
Life Ministry Church, Victoria

“Eric & Monique were a joy to have at Life Ministry Church. The way their music allowed space for the Holy Spirit to minister to us was just wonderful. There was a great humility in the way they presented.”

Andy Hunt, Worship Pastor — Life Ministry Church, Victoria

Eric & Monique
Hamilton Seventh-day Adventist Church, New Zealand

“If this couple [Eric & Monique] have approached you, and are available to share their music with you in any capacity, then please take this opportunity! Eric & Monique have a sound that is soulful, spiritual and special. Their music is not just for your ears, but also your heart. You will find yourself at first enjoying their beautiful melodies, but quickly find yourself connecting with our God.”

Ben Martin, Senior Pastor — Hamilton Seventh-day Adventist Church, New Zealand

Eric & Monique
Plenty Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church, Victoria

“Plenty Valley was blessed by the ministry of Eric & Monique. They combine heartfelt speaking with moving and original music. The music is respectful and conservative, and yet contemporary, young and new. I recommend them as another God-given way to bless your church.”

Anthony MacPherson, Senior Pastor — Plenty Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church, Victoria

Eric & Monique
Light Bearers, United States

“The music of Eric & Monique moves my heart and also speaks to my mind in a special way. God has gifted these human songbirds with an exceptional blending of beauty and intelligence. I highly recommend their music.”

Ty Gibson, Co-Director at Light Bearers and Senior Pastor at Storyline Seventh-day Adventist Church, United States

Eric & Monique
Tweed Heads Presbyterian, New South Wales

“Through word and song, Eric & Monique led us to focus again on the eternal love and grace of God in Jesus. What a joy to be reminded of these great, life-changing truths. They did this humbly, consistently pointing us to Jesus. They were a great blessing to our church.”

Rev. Michael Boyd, Senior Pastor — Tweed Heads Presbyterian, New South Wales

Eric & Monique
The Salvation Army Bairnsdale, Victoria

“We were blessed to receive ministry through Word and song from Eric & Monique as part of our Sunday worship service. They are humble servants of God who are using their musical gifts for His glory. With voices that blend into one and perfect harmonies, God will certainly speak to you through their singing, sharing of scripture and their personal stories.”

Lieutenant Claire Jones — The Salvation Army Bairnsdale

Eric & Monique
One2One Church of Christ, Victoria

"You really feel the presence of God when Eric and Monique minister to you with their unique sound and message. Such a blessing to have them at One2One church.”

Erin Jamieson, Director Evangelism, Mission and Connections — One2One Church of Christ, Victoria

Eric & Monique
Leongatha Uniting Church, Victoria

“Eric & Monique our local International Musicianaries bring the pages of scripture to life, singing together or individually words from scripture, which helps us to take the words into our being, and savour the message in a different way. So much is achieved by this couple to glorify the word of God.”

Anita Trease —Leongatha Uniting Church, Victoria

Eric & Monique
Discovery Christian Centre, New Zealand

“Eric & Monique were a real blessing to Discovery Christian Centre. With their beautifully melodic harmonies and touching message, they presented a God-centred and sensitive programme that encouraged us to be embraced by Christ’s love. They were professional and genuine and we would highly recommend them to others seeking a richly musical time of worship and contemplation.”

Mike Kirkby-Sing — Discovery Christian Centre, New Zealand

Eric & Monique
Burnie Baptist Church, Tasmania

“We were blessed to have Eric & Monique at Burnie Baptist. To have music that was not only tuneful and peaceful but talked scripturally about God and His love for us was wonderful. We would not hesitate to them back.”

Rev. Tim Hayman, Senior Pastor —Burnie Baptist Church, Tasmania

Eric & Monique