Passports and Visas


Finally we have received my (Monique's) birth certificate and can renew my passport in my 'new' married name. The only problem is that we need to get important info to Ukraine for invitation letters (for the visa) by Monday... Now in true Monique style I have once again left all this to the last minute. Eric, the unfortunate husband who has to deal with my laxi-dazy attitude to everything, is politely 'pushing me' in the right direction. Now I do understand that I don't want to be in the same situation as the last time I got a visa to Ukraine... Where I only received my visa and passport 2 hours before departure (Thank you God!). So hopefully with a fast processing fee for the passport and the eventual arrival of the letters of invitation we will be able to apply for Ukrainian visa... Which will state a processing time of 10 business days but in reality this means 1 or more months... But hopefully this will all go smoothly...

Eric & Monique