Sold our Car

The car had been on the market for over 3 months when it finally sold last Sunday October 12th. We received a phone call on Saturday afternoon from a woman needing a car. After the call, we were praying and believing that this car would be sold that very weekend if it were Gods will. We also prayed for it to be a very easy and quick transaction.


Well, not only did the car sell that very weekend, but also, the transaction was so smooth and easy, it was amazing! The woman who bought the car just handed over the cash over straight away. No waiting, no annoying financing! We also prayed that the car would sell just for the right amount. Just enough to get out of the debt owing on it. And you bet you, it did! The car sold for just the right amount to get out of the debt owing on the car.

Praise God! He definitely provides when we have faith, believe and ask according to his will.

Eric & Monique