Friday Night Bible Study

On this past Friday Night Bible Study we studied about the Inspiration of the Bible - basing it around the reasons why we believe the Bible is God's Word. Looking at reasons from: history, archaeology, the Bible itself and fulfillment of prophecy. It went awesome! At the beginning we asked them what they thought of the Bible. They were very open - none of them thought it was God's Word (only a few thought it possible that part of it could be). They began to question us about various things about the Bible and other religious wise books. We got through the Bible study and as we did we could tell that they were getting more calm and open. In the end we challenged them to read the Bible and decide for themselves - 7 people out of 8 took the Bibles! Lots of open questions from 8 people who don't believe that the Bible is God's Word. After we prayed most stayed on for about 45 minutes and asked a lot of tough questions. Please pray for these people :) and for us as they continue to ask hard questions.

Eric & Monique