What God has done so far... On our way to ARISE Institute

Not too long ago we stepped out in faith to apply for the ARISE Evangelism Institute. When we first saw the money (in $USD by the way) it would cost we thought twice about applying, thinking, "How would we EVER get this money? We are volunteering!" But we prayed about it for a while then decided to go forward anyway. The over all amount (for just the fees, airport transfers, accom., food, books for 4 months) was $USD 9,965! To a volunteer that's a heap - without even transferring it over to $AUS. From that time a heap of miracles have occurred where God has provided and we believe will continue to provide.

Here's a list of what has happened:

  • Providing married couple units when it wasn't possible in the beginning and we would have had to sleep in separate rooms for four months
  • Rudd giving out $900 to both of us - which was just enough for both of our tickets to America
  • Providing for us to get our visas to America and the passports getting back to us (to a different city) in only 3 business days!
  • Providing so far $USD 6,865! This was done in a variety of different ways that we never could have dreamed of!
  • We now only have $USD 3,100 left to raise! (we prefer to state it in USD cos the AUS $ is changing all the time). The final amount is due 16th July.

It is amazing how God is not only providing for our physical needs (the above to get to ARISE) but has also helped us to increase our faith in Him.

Eric & Monique