An Unintentional and Divine Meeting

On Sabbath Eric, I and three other people from ARISE went for a walk. Just a simple, shortish stroll on Sabbath afternoon... well, that's what we thought! ARISE is situated in the bush and it's very hilly. So we were hiking around and up the hilly area. Taking this turn and that. Until we found a gym - thinking it was the facility we are staying at - but it wasn't. Instead of going the same way back - which any smart person would! - we continued following random trails. In the end we just got lost! But we didn't really think we were too lost. But we prayed anyway. We were able to hear some loud, amplified speaking and we thought it was the camp we are staying at. We finally found a trail that lead down to the bottom of the hill and found a... ROAD!!! So we tried to hitch a ride and after a few attempts a lady stopped! We found out that we were 5 miles from our original position!!! She was kind enough to give us a ride. We all got talking and told her about who we were and what we are doing here (including the fact that we are helping out with a series of evangelistic meetings). And she said that she would be VERY interested in these meetings! Awesome! So we got her email and are going to keep in contact with her. It amazing how God puts together meetings with other people. If we never got lost we never would have met this lady! Praise God!

"You never know how lost you are until you are found"

Eric & Monique