ARISE so far...

ARISE so far has been: intensive, fun, incredibly Bible-based, uplifting, educational, eye-opening, prayerful, one of the best decisions ever made!

For the first two weeks we went through 25 Bible studies on all our beliefs. So we have had class from 9-6! with about an 1 1/2 hr break for lunch. breakie is at 7:30 and worship at 8:40. So that was very intense, but needed.

To come out of a class on a very difficult topic, like The Great Controversy, and actually think that with a bit more preparation: "I could really do this". Plus everything is fully Bible-based! One of our assignments is to mark our Bibles with the studies (and know them) so when we do the studies we wont need any sheets of paper. Cool assignment, aye! Very practical.

So after Bible boot camp we all thought that it's get a bit easier... we were wrong. We now start with Breakie - 8, Worship - 9, Class 9.30-2, Lunch - 2, Class 3.30-6.

So, it's really hardcore but the info is just so interesting! This week in the mornings we have been studying Homeneutics - how people read the Bible. Our lecturer was Dr Samuel Pipim (check out the website: ).

Then in the afternoons we had classes on devotions and door-to-door outreach. So, now for three days a week we go out into the community for about four hours: weekdays 3.30-8, Sunday 2-7 (then an hour debrief).

And then on top of all that there's a lot of reading, memorisation etc. But we are loving it!

It's VERY intensive. They definitely make you work - When they say that they are putting 1 1/2 years of uni into 3 1/2 months they aren't lying! But it is awesome!

Thank you again for all those who sponsored us money to come here. We praise God that He has opened up this opportunity.

Eric & Monique