Searching the Scriptures

We had some great thoughts from Ron Du Preez's class today regarding searching and understanding scripture. He drew from the Bible some amazing principles that I think you will really enjoy! Based on Luke 24:27

1. Christ-Dependent Interpretation (Start by going to Jesus) Don’t open your Bible until you pray. Ask Jesus, the supreme interpreter of the sacred scriptures, to Guide in your study of His word, then willingly follow.

2. Chrono-logical Interpretation (Starting with Moses) Start at the beginning, then examine the topic through time, observing all the factors over time; finally, draw conclusions.

3. Careful Interpretation (Expounded to them interpreted / hermeneutics / thoroughly) Examine the Biblical passage meticulously, considering the words in the full context, to determine the proper meaning.

4. Comprehensive Interpretation (All the Scriptures) Consider the evidence from the broader context of the Bible, compare scripture with scripture; then see coherent themes.

5. Canonical Interpretation (All the Scriptures) Seeing is not believing. Acknowledge and use the Old and New Testaments of the Bible as the fundamental (foundation) basis for belief and practice in life.

6. Contextual Interpretation (The things concerning) Analyze every issue by taking into account both the broader and the immediate contexts, to reach the best interpretation.

7. Christ-Centered Interpretation (Always focus on Jesus) Witness the way in which every Biblical teaching relates to, and focuses on Jesus Christ, Saviour and Lord of all humanity.

I hope these tips are a blessing to you. - Eric

Eric & Monique