Discovery Prophecy Seminars

We're having a really great time at ARISE! It's real busy at the moment. Outreach, Bible studies, classes, church programs and now... the Discovery Prophecy Seminar. Last night was the first night and there were lots of new people! The presentations were excellent and each of the students help out in different ways. For example: Greeters, ushers, prayer room, kids program, registration, music etc. Last night I helped out with the music. Sung the song Ancient Words while playing the piano along the band which comprised of a cello, guitar and saxophone. It's amazing to see people coming and all the Bible studies that are happening at the moment. Please keep all this in your prayers. Oh, by the way, we are getting recordings in mp3 of the seminars. Might be able to post some up in the future.

- Eric

Eric & Monique