I have found it a pleasure to spend the last five weeks touring around with fellow musicianaries, Matt and Josie Minikus, Alison Brook, and Josh and Jackie Cunningham, as part of the Songs of Ascent Tour. When the idea for this tour was originally explained to us 1 1/2 years ago by an excited David Asscherick, the excitement definitely brushed off on me. The idea of using music as a way of preaching the gospel, not just as a concert for mere entertainment, was definitely exciting for me. Although I was excited I didn't fully understand the idea that God was pulling together until I experienced it. You see, most professions have a group of collegues that understand what they go through 'on the job'. As a teacher I've had this. A sense that you aren't completely crazy thinking or going through something at work as there are others who have had the same experience. Musicians, I have found, often don't have this. Often it can be a very solitary vocation.

The community of musicianaries that was developed over the last five weeks filled that hole. A musicianary is a musician who is also a missionary. Cool word, aye! Through the last five weeks I have been able to see that there are others who have had some of the same experiences as me as a musician. In community there is spiritual support and friendship. A place where ideas can be shared and gathered. Not only that, but knowing that there are other musicians who have the same desire to use music, not just for entertainment, but as a way to primarily lift up Christ in this world of sin.

~ Monique


Eric & Monique