Songs of Ascent Tour Highlights

As all things do, eventually they end. Some forever. Some with a glimpse at the future. I'm not personally someone who enjoys dwelling on the sadness of endings. The feeling that creates is just so uncomfortable. So, instead I love reflecting on the fun times and getting excited about the future. I have literally loved the last two months! Here are some of the highlights of the Songs of Ascent, 'who I Am' tour:

- The many moments of indecision regarding where to eat: "I love Taco Bell!" -  'Taco Bell... No!" - "I could eat anything right now!" "Taco Bell?" "Except Taco Bell". For most of the group our absolute love of Thai food has been destroyed by an over indulgence, not to mention mexican!

- Jelly Belly Flops!

- The almost pirate-like accents that came out of the Americans in the group trying to say the word 'no' with an Aussie accent: "Narr".

- The spiritually encouraging, right-on-time, sermon given by Jeffery Rosario at Clovis SDA: Difficult times give way to a new song.

- Sabbath at Arlington: wow! Full on messages straight from the Word of God by Ty Gibson & David Asscherick... A renewed experience of the love of God... vision for future ministry.

- Hospitality and love from all our beautiful host families! Amazed at the way people open their homes... thank you!

- Seeing this cute little kid, I think it was in Madera, singing along to Perdonada Soy!

- Giving Alison Brook's song Perdonada Soy the nickname 'Panda Soy'.

- Late night van rides home from concerts excitedly chatting about: spiritual encouragement... mini-miracles... blessings from God... mass brainstorming... occasional over sharing... Matt Minikus playing his water bottle to the tune of 'favourite' Christmas tune... Disney sing-a-long turned into a rehashing of favourite songs from teen years... food!

- Tightly packing the van with the sound equipment, our personal stuff, and instruments. This was called "a tetris job".

- Sacramento Central... Unforeseen amount of spiritual encouragement and support.

- Yosemite: A reminder of God's creative power! It was also fun to sit on the edge of a 'near' cliff (It was fun for me, Monique, not so much for Eric)...

- After hearing the same songs and the same presentation over 20 times, God still giving us a blessing from the message He created within the program until the last concert! We never got sick of anyones songs! In fact we listened to Alison Brook's "No Words" in the car just the other day.

- The awesome home cooked food provided for us after some of the concerts!

- Filipino food to the max in Vallejo for both after the concert and breakfast the next morning. AMAZING!

-  Getting 'lost' in San Francisco only to discover the steepest street to be driven on with a loaded down van and the coolest street of all time - Lombard street! So much fun!

- The last night hang out session complete with jukebox Jackie! Loved the singing!

- Hearing about the spiritual impact the concerts had on individual's lives.

Thank you God for all the blessings that you've poured out during this tour!



Eric & Monique