Taco Bell anyone? NO!

I had fond memories of Taco Bell from my first US experience in 2009. "Ahhh the 7 layer burrito, so many layers..." My US friends had hyped it up quite a lot before arriving. But, for some reason, my Taco Bell experience this last trip (2011) was different. In the end, I couldn't quite 'think outside the bun'. I must say, the first couple of trips to Taco Bell was fantastic. I really like that guacamole. Good times. Especially when you're on the road and generally in a hurry to get to a venue, or late at night when nothing else is open. Taco Bell was a great inexpensive choice. That was, until, we had it over and over and over!

Yes, I'll admit it, I was probably largely the reason for our many trips to Taco Bell, promoting the option regulary (much to Alison Brook's disgust :P). In the end however, Taco Bell was just too hit and miss. Once you've had a dodgy experience at Taco Bell... It's hard to go back. Plus, once you've eaten at Chipotle or Baja Fresh, you definitely can't go back to Taco Bell.

Will I go back to Taco Bell next trip to the US? Perhaps... maybe for a 7 layer. But my first choice will be Baja Fresh. Did you know that they don't microwave stuff and that it is actually fresh? What a concept! ;)

Below is a video shot on my iPhone of one of our ordering experiences at Taco Bell. - Eric

Eric & Monique