LIVE @ Psalter Recording Session

We recently spent two days in Sydney filming a new show for HOPE Channel titled 'Live @ Psalter'. The concept behind the show is to give the viewer a live studio experience; hearing live versions of our songs in front of the camera.

The show will also feature Anna Weatherup, a fellow Psalter artist, we love her voice! She has an album you should definitely check out called 'Nearer'.

The Psalter crew (Tim Burcham, Dale Willis) hired an extremely talented arranger/composer, Daniel Brinsmead, who arranged four of our songs for a string quartet. (four songs for Anna as well).

Playing live with a String Quartet was an amazing experience, brings the songs to a whole new level!

The show will be broadcast later this year on HOPE Channel. First aired here in the South Pacific, God willing, other locations in the world as well :)

- Eric and Monique

Eric & Monique