Mount Cook, ice and sheep

Sitting here in the back of our hired RV looking through the panoramic windows’ displaying the alps of the Mount Cook National Park, I am awe inspired. There is simply nothing like a jiggered peak with white snow frosting that attempts to smooth out its dangers. It is beyond words to describe the beauty I’m gazing at as I write this post. I see a 180 degree view of peaks that seemingly jump out of a flat plain. Walking up hooker Valley in a snow storm further showed the beauty of a mountain unseen behind an arctic lake. Scaling a short, steep shale hill to take in the beauty of a glacier. As we drive away, I realise the whether we are up close or further away the scene is just majestic. It’s to the point where the only apt word to describe is ‘WOW’. It feels as though I could be in the Himalayas yet we’ve only taken a 3 ½ hour plane ride over the pond. We are over in the South Island of New Zealand for my brother’s wedding in Christchurch and as he had a day of work before we could hang out with him what better way to fill in time than to drive off to Mount Cook.

Yesterday, as we drove from the mountain we slowed as sheep herders were taking their sheep down the road and noticing the intricacies of each differing face. For someone who has never grown up on a sheep farm, the understanding I have of sheep is minimal. They have fantastically warm wool, they have daggs, and if you can get one or two moving they will all follow instinctively. This is the first time that I have ever taken the time, as short as it was, to look at the faces of sheep. Each has an individual flare and character that shines out, yet they still all look the same. They all constantly play follow the leader as they shift from one side of the road to the other. This helped me to understand this whole idea of Jesus being the good shepherd. Jesus knows our intricacies even though from a distance we seem the same, yet He knows who we are. Our dreams, the loves, our hardships and He takes the time to guide us. Even though at times we are like sheep who follow the leader instinctively so that we do not look out of place in society. Jesus is there. Always. As we drove slowly through the 100s of sheep, the shepherd waited patiently at the back. Just being there. Waiting if one of his sheep needed His help.

Eric & Monique